Rewards for victorious players

Get up to 40% cashback every day at Fair Poker

The Fair Poker loyalty programme is straightforward and simple, paying out up to 40% cashback directly into your account every day!
Tier Monthly Rake Rakeback
Newbie 1,000 bits 10%
Coiner 10,000 bits 20%
Bitcoiner 25,000 bits 30%
Whale 50,000 bits 40%

How Do I move up tiers?

Your rakeback level will work on a rolling monthly period, once you hit your tier for the month you will continue to earn your rake % for the following month, if you play drops off so will your rakeback %

Here's how it works:

  1. Rakeback is calculated from 00:01 to 23:59 on a daily basis, your tier is calculated from the sum of your rake for the last 28 calendar days.
  2. The more rake you earn, the higher the rakeback percentage you will continue to receive. If your rake percentage falls between tiers, the payment you receive will correspond with the previous months rake earned.
  3. Cash is paid directly into your Fair Poker account every 24 hours.
  4. If you joined Fair.Poker through an affiliate your rakeback level will stay at 10% please ask us to contact your affiliate to increase your level.


Which poker games can I earn rakeback on?
All poker games we offer will earn you rakeback excluding our promotional rake free tables.
What’s the minimum I can play every month in order to receive Cashback?
You must earn a minimum of 1,000 bits (~$10) rake in order to receive rakeback
Do I have to opt-in?
No, just sign up and play at Fair.Poker - you will automatically be opted into the loyalty programme
When will my rakeback be paid into my account?
Cashback will be paid before 23:59 CET each day of the week
Can I withdraw the rakeback credited?
Yes, you are entitled to withdraw the rakeback as it comes with no restrictions. You’ve earned it!
What if I don’t receive my rakeback owed?
Email us at [email protected], we will come back to you as soon as possible
What if I have brought players through your affiliate program, can I still earn my own rakeback%?
Yes! You will continue to earn a % of your players as well as earning on your own play!